Autism (ABA) Therapy for Children in Plano, Texas

The Wayman Center offers center-based Autism (ABA) Therapy for Children diagnosed with autism and other developmental diagnoses.

Based in Plano, Texas, we address the needs of each individual child based on a comprehensive assessment, with a focus on the two core deficits of autism: communication and social skills.

We also target maladaptive behaviors such as tantrums, self-injurious behaviors, aggression, repetitive behaviors, etc., that may be causing difficulties for the child and family.

By providing a one-to-one staff to child ratio, we are able to address the individual needs of each child. The Wayman Center is parent-friendly, with an open-door policy.

We value the participation of parents as our partners in improving the behaviors of their child.

With a knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained staff, The Wayman Center values the progress of each child we serve, and we continually strive to provide services of the highest quality.

In doing so, The Wayman Center has garnered a reputation over the years as a leader locally, statewide and even nationwide in providing quality ABA services to children with autism.