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  • Learn how to read the Holy Quran online with Tajweed. The courses are for all ages and genders.

  • One on one classes and courses with individual attention to each student.

  • We help students memorize the Holy Quran Online.

  • Very easy and interesting approach to learn with your desired schedule online.

  • Learn how to read daily Duas and Prayers online, learn how to offer five times a days prayers.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed with proper pronunciation and rules of Tajweed. Learning the Holy Quran online is easy and interesting and more comfortable. It is more fruitful as you get one on one classes. Online Quran classes are conducted over the Skype and Zoom. A live classroom session is evolves between student and Quran teacher. It is worth mentioned here that, our online Quran classes are interesting and useful for kids and adults alike. The Quran tutor teaches about Tajweed and its lesson to helps you or your children to learn the Holy Quran verse by verse with very interesting way of teaching. Quran courses at TarteeleQuran comprise of Quran Memorization, Noorani Qaidah, Quran Reading with Tajweed, Ten Qirat, Ijazah Course, Tafseer, and Daily Islamic Dua, Basic Islamic Studies and Prayer lessons. Quran teachers from Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan are working with us to deliver the live Quran classes. We have female Quran teachers and tutors for females and kids as well.  

TarteeleQuran has the best experience of twelve years of tutoring Quran lessons online with the intention of the cause of Allah Almighty. We offer free trial session and you can decide to continue or discontinue after the trail session depending on your satisfaction. Try to get  a free trial lesson with our Quran teacher to see how it works to learn Quran online.


Learn Quran Online in 3 Steps

1-Register to learn Quran online with Tajweed.

2- Get free trail classes scheduled at anytime.

3- Sign up if you are satisfied with the Classes.

You need to have the followings: (1) Laptop/computer/smartphone (2) Head Phones (3) Skype/Zoom account. Lets learn Quran online with Tajweed at home on Skype/Zoom at your desired schedule. Kids at the age of four and half can also start to learn Quran with us. You can chose the teacher of your choice as well. Native Arab and Pakistani Quran Teachers are available for schedule. Register

Our online Quran lessons are accessible to all because:

  1. We employ online Quran teachers that speak a range of languages.
  2. We provide lessons online to make them accessible to learners across the globe.
  3. We offer free trials so that you can test our services before parting with any money.
  4. We have experience in teaching students at all levels of understanding to learn Quran online.

If you’re looking for a Quran tutor online, whether it’s for yourself or your children, you needn’t look any further than TarteeleQuran. The best online Quran institute for learning Quran, Arabic and Tajweed.

TarteeleQuran is one of the projects run  by Tarteel Technologies (SMC-PVT) Ltd. The company is registered with SECP Pakistan. At TarteeleQuran, we have 12 years of experience in learn Quran online services. We have students from Australia Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Dandenong, Queensland, the UK, the USA, UAE and KSA learning the Word of Allah S.W.T online. We have experienced and certified Quran teachers, male and female from Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia to learn Quran online with them.

Our mission is to provide quality Quran reading skills with Tajweed as reported by Prophet (PBUH) ” The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it others.” Our vision is to impart the great knowledge of Quranic teachings with their theme. More importantly, our basic goal is to teach the Holy Book of Allah online with the rules of Tajweed & Tarteel. We wish the Holy Book of Allah S.W.T be read by all men, women and kids with its proper way of pronunciation. Learn Quran online with TarteeleQuran and be the part of our mission in spreading the Quran.

  • Alhamdulillah!!… I am so thankful to Allah that I found the website https://www.tarteelequran.com.au to teach Quran Foundation for my son… Ma-shaa-Allah he is progressing well with every class and I should appreciate how the tutor takes personal care and patiently teach my 7 year old son.. May Allah reward the entire team.. Ameen. 

    Rukzana Sikkandar - Melbourne

  • All Praise to Allah SWT alone! What an ease of seeking knowledge from the comfort of our own homes. It is a satisfying and helpful Quran class Alhamdulillah. The teachers are very sincere and hard working. My kids are very happy and encouraged. Let’s improve our lives by studying Al Quran and attain the amazing blessings from Allah SWT.

    Sister Shamim - Singapore

  • I have been taking Quran memorization class for a few years now with TarteeleQuran. The classes are of great quality. I hope to continue with them for as long as I can and to encourage others to learn Quran online with Tajweed and experience the ease of learning the book of Allah S.W.T. I have done 2/3 of the Quran by heart there.

    Adam Munshi - Memphis USA