The question was recently posed to me, "Are there more businesses formed today than in years past, or less?" The answer is varied and depends on who you ask, and as important, what geographic area you are referring to. The local picture here in Orange County, California may be different than the national picture, and we also have to look at where the data comes from. Does filing a new DBA (doing business as) form constitute a "new business?" In many cases the answer is "no" since it can be a new (or additional) name of an existing business. Regardless of all that, let's look at the overall picture, shall we? One report from a company that sells "start up kits" reports, "an increase of 30% since the recession began in 2010.  https://www.beoforteglobal.com/  This shows that people want to have independence and in many cases create their own jobs by starting a new business. These new businesses tend to be startups just like the startups