For people here in Australia and worldwide, Christmas time is perfume time. This means this is the time of the year when off-guard and reserved shoppers set out on their shopping expeditions steeped in the frenzy of festivities, seeking the “perfect gift” for themselves and their family and friends. And as such, picking the right perfume can be a painstaking and taxing job. The sophistication involved and the variety may drive some shoppers crazy, and they may just  buy Chanel perfume  or other trusted brands. Well, just in case, if you are one of those first-timers, here are six pointers to guide you on your quest for the perfect perfume: 1.  Expense Do not look for cheap colognes; you won’t find one. Hoping for perfumes to be cheap, wanting them to be cheap, needing them to be cheap, and feeling cosy only if they are cheap are some attitudes you will need to shake off. Perfume has not been available to the common man in the last nineteen thousand years, and the suppliers are not ab