The ISO 9001 standard is caring for us. It cares for us from several angles. One of these cares regards our documentation. The standard requires that we will document by all means. But it also cares that we won't get confused and mix up different documents from different sources. Therefore it requires all documents to be controlled. This is not a recommendation but a requirement  https://www.platoforms.com/ . You must control your documents. In order to achieve documents control you must maintain a method. This method must be one of the organizations quality procedures and it should be called "Documents Control". In this procedure you must refer to the next line of issues. Types of records At first, you must define what documents this procedure would include  https://www.thefashionstation.in/ . Documents can be working procedures, diagrams, technical specifications, price quotes etc. In order not to "swirl" around too many documents, let's make it clear.