Others would enable you to make a minimum deposit whilst some would encourage you to open a trial account first, so you can transact in virtual currencies or credits. Open an email: You are making an account with the broker. Trading begins: You will start trading if you already have an account. Know the threats: You pick the sum you choose to lose (there is the minimal and maximum sum you can bring in) and the period during which the exchange will be either short-term or long-term to operate. Withdraw the winnings home : You get what the dealer told you to withdraw and transfer into your bank account as you find it correct inside the timeline or expiry date. Know your earnings: The trader will give you the percentage number you’ll receive in case you make the right estimate before you contribute money to the deal. Wait: When it’s all accounted for, press on a button to lock in the exchange and then wait. You may choose to switch to a full trading account with a trial account. You can