Small Business Funding | Business Loans South Africa

An online business funder provides fast business funding through a simple online process. This new way of getting business funding provides the fastest turnaround times and removes the need for long forms and paperwork. Completing a business funding application takes two minutes on Bridgement’s website and you’ll normally get a loan decision within 24 hours. Bridgement is completely online and won’t need to meet you in person. You also won’t have to provide any financial projections or business plans. Once approved for an online business funding facility, you’ll get access to a dashboard on Bridgement’s website where you can manage and withdraw funds from your facility. Funds will usually land in your bank account within an hour of making the loan request on your dashboard.

Business owners facing cash flow issues need funding fast. Banks offer a number of financing options including business loans, overdrafts and asset finance. Unfortunately, banks often require collateral, a lot of documentation and over three months to process your application before supplying you with funds. Other funding options like venture capital and angel investors also have rigorous, paper-based application processes that take even longer than the banks. This sort of business funding also has the disadvantage of diluting your company ownership and brings more voices to the table when it comes to making key business decisions. Bridgement offers business loans and credit facilities in just 24 hours, and its automated online application means you can apply in just minutes, without having to submit any paperwork.

You can apply for business funding through a bank. Be ready to provide a business plan, financial projections, and financial records. You'll likely also have to provide collateral and sign personal surety. Applications can take weeks to complete, months to process, and the likelihood of being approved can be quite low. You can also apply for funding through an angel or venture capital investor. Finding a willing investor is hard and you will probably have to exchange equity, diluting ownership in your business for the funding. The South African government offers a number of grants and loans, but you will need to fit strict criteria to qualify. Bridgement offers an exciting alternative with the first online revolving credit facility for businesses – a quick and easy way to get business funding online.