A2B Data™ Powered by Wyntec - Big Data Management - Faster, Better, More Economical Data Extraction and Loading

"Save time, money and deliver immediate ROI on your data."

A2B Data™ was designed by a team of data management and business intelligence experts. After decades of witnessing the huge amount of time and money spent on data ETL, A2B Data™ was designed to automate the data migration process. A2B Data™ allows teams to save time and resources, gain more immediate analytic ROI on data and deliver data securely. By getting data where it needs to be in minutes and hours instead of days or weeks, the value of your data can be realized a lot faster. Additionally, the necessary best-practice design methods to manage an enterprise data staging environment are already built into A2B Data™. Quite simply, A2B Data™ is the faster, better, more economical solution to the alternate manual processes.