This Man Ranted About Trump While Naked In Time Square

Any other year and any other candidate, we would all be shaking our heads at the naked loon ranting about the election in Time’s Square. But this isn’t any other year, and it isn’t any other candidate, so we gotta take the advice where and when we can get it.

NYC’s Krit McClean decided to air his grievances with Donald Trump this week in a very public and noticeable way, striding around Time’s Square bare-ass naked and shouting, demanding to see Donald Trump.

21-year-old McClean who is reportedly a pretty successful model in NYC, felt no shame in showing his stuff to all of Time’s Square in his efforts to reach Trump.

McClean did a strange dance for tourists, grabbing himself and gesturing for Trump on top of a ledge outside of a Time’s Square Disney store. When police arrived, McClean demanded to talk to “Debbie,” possibly a reference to Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

The man jumped from the ledge and was ultimately carted off to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated, but to me he seems to be much more sane than the millions of people who are ready to vote for Trump with a straight face.

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Donald Trump Times Square

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