Gay USA: Sept 4-10, 2012

President Obama’s campaign makes a five-minute pitch to LGBT voters and those who support our rights.  Mitt Romney stands up for “traditional marriage” at the Republican National Convention while plutocrat David Koch claims to have no quarrel with same-sex marriage as he continues to fund anti-gay Republicans nationwide. A pro-Romney Super PAC unveils its anti-gay ad. One quarter of gay voters say they’d switch to vote Republican if the party came out for LGBT rights. Anti-gay Congressman Aaron Schock—he of the famous abs—denies being gay. In the case of the now out Arizona sheriff who traded criminal charges with his ex-lover, both are cleared and the sheriff wins his primary for re-election. Focus on Family and Alliance Defense Fund team up to gut anti-bullying laws.  A German father stands with his cross-dressing 5-year old son in a unique way. An HIV service center in Southern California is evicted two days after opening by a landlord accusing them of “bringing disease.” Andy reviews “Methtacular,” a musical comedy about one gay man’s struggle with crystal meth.

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