Gay USA: Sept. 28-Oct. 4 2010: Fighting the Enforcement of Don't Ask Don't Tell - Free Speech TV

The US Department of Justice has moved to block a worldwide injunction against the enforcement of Don't Ask Don't Tell, but the courts are fighting back against the Administration. The Air Force was ordered last week by a federal judge to reinstate Major Margaret Witt who was expelled a few years ago under Don't Ask Don't Tell. We spend a few minutes talking about gay Republicans and their events this last week. The virulently anti-gay pastor in Atlanta was accused of sexually harrassing men in his mega-church--we'll show you what he said. The Prop 8 case is still moving along, people are filing briefs against Judge Von Walker's decision and 10 states have filed statements in favor of reinstating Prop 8. There are a couple of horrible anti-gay bullying stories to share, but there's a good story from Michigan where students want to elect a transgendered classmate as homecoming king.

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