Gay USA: Massachusetts Opens Its Doors

We report this week on how Massachusetts has gotten rid of its last vestige of discrimination against same-sex couples, opening the state to gay and lesbian couples from elsewhere who want to marry there.Our guests for our last twenty minutes are Pat Gozemba and Karen Kahn, authors of "Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America's First Legal Same-Sex Unions" with photographs by Marilyn Humphries. They will tell us their story of witnessing and writing about the birth of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and how they decided to get married themselves after being partners for 15 years. We will also show you a montage of photos from the book, which document the victory for same-sex marriage in the context of the historic movement for LGBT rights.In the News:AN ARREST IN THE BRUTAL MURDER OF A TRANSGENDERED TEEN IN COLORADOMONEY POURS IN TO CALIFORNIA FROM BOTH SIDES ON PROPOSITION 8You can donate at www.equalityforall.comANGLICAN CHURCH WANTS U.S. AND CANADIAN CHURCHES TO STOP BLESSING GAY PEOPLEOUT GAY AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC DIVER IS FAVORED FOR MEDALCDC FINALLY ADMITS 40% MORE NEW HIV INFECTIONS EACH YEAR; OBAMA AND MCCAIN REACTL.A. POLICE CHIEF BILL BRATTON MAKES NEWS BY CALLING LINDSAY LOHAN GAYGay USA, a weekly news-hour, offers comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community. The program features lively repartee between hosts Ann Northrop and Andy Humm, as well as interviews with special guests. Produced at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Gay USA airs several times a week on Free Speech TV

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