Gay USA: March 28-April 5, 2012 - Free Speech TV

PROGRAM NOTE FOR FREE SPEECH VIEWERS: Free Speech will be in pledge mode April 16 – May 6. During those weeks, Gay USA will be limited to ONE telecast a week on Saturdays at 11 PM Eastern time. You can access the show anytime through our audio podcast at or through online video at Blip TV at

A confidential strategy plan of anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has been obtained and it outlines their racially divisive tactics. The Republican-led legislature in New Hampshire overwhelmingly rejects a bill to repeal the law that allows same-sex couples to marry there. The Department of Homeland Security will now allow gay partners and other household configurations to fill out a single customs form when re-entering the United States. The challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act’s section that denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages moves to the federal appeals court in Massachusetts on April 4. An audio recording of the proceedings will be available after the case is argued. A federal court employee will start receiving benefits for her spouse even as her case is on appeal. Two gay men who allegedly had sex on a cruise ship while their gay cruise liner was docked in Dominica were arrested, detained and fined. A judge takes a slap at the intrusive policies of the New York City Department of Health when certifying that someone has transitioned from one gender to another. A suspect is arrested in the shooting of a gay man in Washington, DC. Madonna will defy law prohibiting pro-gay speech in Russia. A transgender woman is kept out of the Canadian Miss Universe pageant because she was not born female. Donald Trump, who runs Miss Universe, has yet to weigh in. The movie “Bully” opens in New York and Los Angeles. We’ll discuss the controversy over its MPAA rating or lack thereo.  Andy reviews a new show at the Vineyard Theatre called “Now. Here. This.”

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