Gay USA: March 20-26, 2012 - Free Speech TV

In New Jersey, 20-year old Dahrun Ravi was found guilty on 15 counts including hate crimes for invading the privacy of Tyler Clementi, his gay freshman roommate at Rutgers, and covering up the evidence that he did. Clementi committed suicide shortly after learning that Ravi had used his webcam to spy on him making out with another male, though Clementi’s reasons for taking his life remain unknown. (Ravi, who faces ten years in prison, was not charged with contributing to the suicide.) We will be joined by Bill Dobbs, a longtime gay activist and civil libertarian who attended the trial. We will discuss the extent to which justice was done and concerns about the application of hate crimes laws in this high profile case.

Has the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage reversed course in backing civil unions over marriage in New Hampshire?

President Obama comes out against anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina set for a vote on May 8. Michelle Obama speaks out for a Supreme Court that will support who you love.

Rick Santorum had a busy week coming out against pornography, promoting the reinstitution of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and cheering for an anti-gay preacher in Louisiana.

The Tennessee bill to ban school discussion of homosexuality looks dead but you won’t be encouraged when you hear the reason why.

A Canadian lesbian couple took to the ice of a hockey game during intermission for a crowd-thrilling marriage proposal. You can watch the heartwarming video here:

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