Gay USA June 28-July 4, 2011

New York State opens marriage to same-sex couples, and jubilation ensues all Pride weekend. Our guest is NYS Assembly Member Daniel J. O'Donnell (D-Uptown Manhattan) who guided the bill through the Assembly four times. In New Jersey, a lawsuit to win same-sex marriage will be filed in a state that now has civil unions that have not proven equal. In Maine, LGBT advocates and their allies plan a referendum to legalize same-sex marriages. President Obama raises big LGBT money but stops short of supporting same-sex marriage. Pride marches around the country are buoyed by the NY marriage win--but are marred by a gay bar raid in NYC, anti-gay vandalism in Chicago and a horrible accidental death in the LA march. West coast lesbian pioneer Jean Harris dies at 66. Census data shows many, many more same-sex couples reporting. A San Diego Catholic church cancels funeral for prominent gay businessman. Brazil judge okays same-sex marriage.

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