Gay USA - June 26th, 2013


We devote our entire hour to a discussion of the two big Supreme Court decisions on June 26 with two of the country’s finest gay legal experts: Prof. Art Leonard of New York Law School, who writes on LGBT legal issues for Gay City News and his own blog, and Prof. Larry Levine who teaches sexual orientation law at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, CA and who was present for oral arguments in these cases.

 1) DOMA is dead. Legally married same-sex couples will get their federal rights.

 2) Challenge to Ninth Circuit federal decision overturning Prop 8 rejected for lack of standing by Prop 8 opponents. Same-sex couples should be able to marry in California within a month, barring the right wing bringing more cases that could delay the process.

 It was a momentous week in news from the US Supreme Court. The DOMA victory is huge. The Prop 8 is decision is more limited, but it will let same-sex marriages go forward in California.

 Still to be sorted out--which federal rights will apply to all legally married couples and which will apply only if you're living in a state which recognizes your marriage. Looks like all married binational couples can apply for green cards—no matter where they live—and all married members of the military will also get benefits.

It was also a week of setbacks: a huge setback in the court’s weakening of the historic Voting Rights Act and in the court’s making it harder to bring claims of discrimination. We will touch on those as well.

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