Gay USA: June 21-27, 2011 - Free Speech TV

For the first time, a United Nations body approves a resolution on LGBT rights. In the fight over marriage equality in New York State is going down to the wire with concerns about what religious carve outs will end up in the bill. For the latest, go to The White House can't keep its story straight on President Obama's "evolving" views on same-sex marriage. His spokesperson said not to expect a change in. A little good news on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal. GLAAD's president, Jarrett Barrios, is forced out over collusion with AT&T to end Net Neutrality. Tracy Morgan begins his humiliation tour in New York under the auspices of GLAAD. We'll show you what he had to say on Tuesday in Tennessee. One of the people he met with in New York was Elke Kennedy of South Carolina, whose son Sean was gaybashed to death in 2007. You can learn more about how she is trying to stop anti-gay bullying and violence at A lesbian leader could succeed Anthony Weiner in Congress. A new study days half of college-educated LGBT people are closeted at work. A Michigan court strikes down a gay panic defense.

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