Gay USA: June 18-24, 2012 - Free Speech TV

In the news: Looks as if no one wants to defend Illinois’ law banning same-sex marriage. An out gay Catholic priest tells his parishioners they can vote against an amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota. The makers of Cheerios come out against the Minnesota amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Senior Pastor Frederick Haynes III of a big Baptist church in Dallas gives a stirring defenseof President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta delivers his LGBT Pride Month message. President Obama welcomes LGBT folks to the White House once again to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. We’ll show you an unusual proposal made during that event. You can see the President’s remarks here.  A fifth grader in Queens, NY, is stopped from reading his competition essay in support of same-gender marriage. We will show you his speech in its entirety. You can watch it nowhere. A 14-year old Brooklyn junior high school student blinded by bashers shouting anti-gay epithets. Below is a picture in the NY Daily News of Kardin Ulysse with this parents. LGBT and AIDS groups join a mile-long march against racial and anti-LGBT profilingby the New York Police Department. Historic LGBT conference is held in China. France is lifting the ban on gay blood donations and more pro-gay legislation may be on way with newly elected government. We’ll review the newly out Jim Parsons in the Broadway revival of “Harvey,” a rarely revived play about women war correspondents in World War II, Max Maven’s latest magic show, and a Maltby & Shire review at the Mint Theater.

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