Gay USA: July 3-9, 2012

In the news this week with Andy Humm and Ann Northrop: We're going to the Supreme Court—for better or worse! House Republicans appeal to the US Supreme Court to uphold DOMA after six federal courts strike down its Section 3. BREAKING: After we finished taping, the Obama administration, which opposes DOMA, also asked the US Supreme Court to review these Massachusetts cases plus another one from San Francisco. Dr. Richard Isay, who cured the field of psychoanalysis of anti-gay bigotry, has died at 77. No leads in the double shooting of a young lesbian couple in Texas as vigils for them are held around the country. A gay couple in Gilbert, AZ and their children are targeted by vigilantes. A 22-year old gay man who was interning for the Associated Press in Mexico City is found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft. A famous gay person comes out as a journalist. For the first time, an actor on a daytime soap opera wins an Emmy for playing a gay male character.

LGBT Rights

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