Gay USA: July 26-Aug. 1, 2011

Same-sex weddings got underway in New York State. We'll show you some of the happy couples and talk about the continued last gasp efforts of the rightwing to undo the marriage equality law. The ban on open service on gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in the military will officially end September 20 as President Obama, Defense Secretary Panetta, and Joint Chiefs Chair Mullen certify that the armed forced are ready for us. At the Contemporary Jewish Museum during a Gertrude Stein exhibit, two lesbians are stopped from holding hands by a guard. The museum will hold a Hand-Holding Day to make up for the offense. During the horror in Norway this past week, two lesbian heroes risked their lives to save dozens of young people from the rightwing maniac who killed scores on Utoya Island. They drove their boat to the island on four separate occasions-dodging bullets each time-to rescue people from the water and taking them to shore. The gay character, Kevin, from Archie comics gets his own comic book. Andy reviews two one-man shows by the great David Greenspan as he performs all eight roles in the 1925 play "The Patsy" and delivers the gay-themed "Jonas" which he also wrote. "Unnatural Acts," the hit play on the Harvard Secret Court of 1920 by Tony Speciale and the Plastic Theatre, has extended its run at the Classic Stage Company at 136 E. 13th Street through July 31. Andy saw it for the second time and liked it even more. Go to for more information.    

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