Gay USA - July 24th, 2013

An Ohio judge orders state officials to recognize the marriage of a Cincinnati male couple who flew to Maryland to marry because one of the men has ALS

A gay couple in Virginia sues for the right to marry

US House Republicans will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court

Rightwingers try to stop same-sex marriages in California and from being recognized by immigration authorities

More news about the tax consequences of same-sex marriage, going back three years in some cases

Out gay boxer Emile Griffith dies at 75

Two gay hook-up murders reported, one in Minnesota and the other in Austin

A trans panic murder in North Philadelphia

The Monroe (NY) County Executive is determined that the rainbow flag will not fly from government buildings

The late mother of Fred Phelps is turned into a lesbian in the afterlife by a Satanic cult

A new study shows a high degree of efficacy for the HPV vaccine in stopping oral cancers and recommends it for boys as well as girls

Mexico has its first out gay mayor

The UK House of Lords seeks a pardon for code-breaker Alan Turing

Ireland takes up transgender rights in parliament

Out gay statistics genius Nate Silver moves from the New York Times to ESPN

Harrison Ford steps in the controversy over the author of “Ender’s Game”

Andy reviews “Handbook for an American Revolutionary”

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