Gay USA July 24-30, 2012

Chris Cooper sits in for the vacationing Andy Humm. Catch Chris as one of the stars of "Birders," available at HBO On Demand documentaries. American hero astronaut Sally Ride dies of pancreatic cancer at 61, and we are stunned to learn she leaves a female life and business partner of 27 years, Dr. Tam O'Shaughnessy. The mainstream news media struggles with the story. <>. There have been several vicious assaults on lesbians and gay men in the last couple of weeks. The Boy Scouts of America continue to attack gay boys and men. A new online campaign reveals the real Mitt Romney. <>. There's a huge blow-up over Chik-Fil-A's overt antigay values. The new Chinese dictionary omits a definition of "gay," because they "don't want to encourage that usage." The International AIDS Conference is on in Washington D.C. - there are protests and celebrities and scientific news, . <>. The FDA has approved Truvada for HIV- people at high risk of getting HIV. The decision is controversial. There are 20 out lesbian, gay and bisexual Olympians, plus another 5 out coaches, and there will be a Pride House in London. <> <>. The new Pet Shop Boys video, "Winner," tells the story of a transgender member of the London Rollergirls roller derby team.

LGBT Rights

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