Gay USA - July 17th, 2013 - Free Speech TV

One of Cameroon’s leading gay and AIDS activists is tortured and murdered in his home

A gay man in Yemen is shot to death by religious militants

The UK law opening marriage to same-sex couples in England and Wales cleared the House of Lords and became law this week with the weddings to begin sometime between this fall and the summer of 2014

The Democratic Attorney General of Pennsylvania refuses to defend in court the state’s law limiting marriage to man-woman couples that is being challenged by the ACLU

An Ohio gay couple goes to extraordinary lengths to marry in Maryland, complicated by the ALS of one of the partners. We’ll bring you a moving video of their journey:,0,5607254.htmlstory

Major League Baseball and the players’ union announce a new program to combat homophobia in the sport

San Francisco transgender activist Jazzie Collins has died

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