Gay USA: July 12-18, 2011

Michele Bachman's family business, a clinic run by her husband Marcus, is exposed for trading in discredited "reparative therapy" to turn gay people straight and a media firestorm ensues. Got to for more info. A federal panel rules that DADT can no longer be enforced and there is a question about whether anyone in the government will defend it. And while the government has stopped enforcing the ban, it may go back to court to ask that it be reinstated. Obama appoints an out lesbian to the West Point board. And a conference of out gay military personnel is planned. Go to for the latest. California's bill to mandate teaching kids the truth about gay lives is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown's signature. Call him on 916-445-2841 to demand that he sign SB-48. He is getting TONS of calls from the opposition. Same-sex marriages will start being licensed in New York on Sunday, July 24-and any eligible couple from anywhere can marry here. For questions about marrying in New York, go to We remember the contributions of Betty Ford to gay and AIDS causes, as well as to candidness about addiction and sexuality in American life. The Rupert Murdoch empire is crumbling! We'll discuss the gay aspects of the scandal. A new drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea is found. Obama is going after medical marijuana after promising not to. Andy reviews Tyne Daly in Terrence McNally's "Master Class"

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