Gay USA - January 9-16, 2013

The Supreme Court will hear the challenge to Prop 8 on March 26 and the challenge to DOMA on March 27. President Obama nominates Republican Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense over the objections of some LGBT groups. The ACLU wins the right of those honorably discharged from the military for being gay or lesbian to receive full—not half—benefits: at least going back a few years. The poet at Obama's second inauguration on Jan. 21 is a gay man; but he has also selected another anti-gay pastor to give the closing prayer. Barney Frank decides he wants to be the interim Senator from Massachusetts. Lesbian couples in Mississippi apply for marriage licenses in Hattiesburg. Mrs. Jeanne Manford, who co-founded the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in 1972, has died at 92. The movie about Liberace starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon is apparently too much for movie theatres so HBO has picked it up. Matt Dallas of "Kyle XY" on ABC Family, comes out. The professional bowler who was embraced and kissed by his husband on TV after winning a tournament talks about his history-making moment:'s London theatre reviews from last week are now in the Gay City News and can be read online here:


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