Gay USA - February 7th, 2012

What’s next for California’s ban on same-sex marriage now that a federal appeals court has upheld the decision overturning Prop 8? We will give you a full analysis. You can read the decision at the site of the American Foundation for Equal Rights that brought the case argued by Ted Olson and David Boies. And you can read Professor Art Leonard’s take in Gay City New. Washington State’s pending new law opening marriage to gay couples may be subjected to a referendum in the fall. A vicious anti-gay assault in Atlanta is caught on tape. Brandon White, the 20-year old survivor of the attack subsequently spoke out at a press conference. Police are asking anyone with information about the incident shown in the video to call Zone 3 police officers at 404-624-0674 or to call anonymously to Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477. Scott Lively, the far right “Christian” pastor who is behind the Uganda “kill the gays” bill which is being revived this year, delivers an incredibly hateful sermon against gay people, calling our movement more powerful than Christianity and growing faster than Islam, Darwinism, and Marxis. CNN commentator Roland Martin is condemned by GLAAD for advocating gay-bashing in a tweet during the Super Bowl. We’ll show you the ad with David Beckham that unhinged him. Martin subsequently issued a non-apology apology and CNN has suspended him. The Human Rights Campaign holds up Goldman Sachs, kings of the US financial crisis, as paragons of pro-LGBT virtue. Paul Schindler has more at Gay City News. J.C. Penney keeps Ellen as their spokesperson despite protest from group called A Million Moms. Ellen subsequently issued a rebuke to the haters on her show. And Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly sides with J.C. Penney and Ellen. Anti-abortion activists drive the Susan Komen Foundation into the ditch. President Obama is assailed by Catholic hierarchs for requiring religious institutions—not churches—to cover contraception in employee health plans. President Obama comes out against bill in Virginia to let religious adoption agencies discriminate against gay people. The New York State Senate votes to keep churches in City public schools, Read Andy’s article on the controversy in the Gay City News. Four men in South Africa who raped and killed a lesbian in 2006 are convicted and sentence. A gay take on “Romeo and Juliet” called “Private Romeo” opens in movie theatres. And we’ll talk about “Smash,” NBC’s new series about Broadway.

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