Gay USA - Feb 27- Mar 5, 2013

OUR GUEST THIS WEEK AT THE TOP OF THE SHOW IS DAVID FRANCE, director and producer of the Oscar nominated AIDS documentary, “How to Survive a Plague.” David, an accomplished journalist and author, will tell us about his experience as a first-time filmmaker and nominee at the Academy Awards, what he would have said had he won, and the wider impact of his film.   Prominent Republicans—including some who recently opposed it--tell the US Supreme Court to support same-sex marriage. The Obama administration also weighs in against DOMA at the Supreme Court, but with an unfortunate twist. Fifty organizations call on President Obama to issue an executive order banning anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors. The Associated Press relents and will not use different language for gay and straight married couples. Progress in Phoenix and Flagstaff. Homosexual scandals in the Vatican may be one of the reasons Josef Ratzinger resigned as Pope; and a UK Catholic Cardinal resigns in a gay scandal. Gay man in Massachusetts, who served 21 years after false arrest for child molestation, is still trying to clear his name. C. Everett Koop, the US Surgeon General under Ronald Reagan who bucked that administration to promote AIDS awareness in the early years of the pandemic, has died.

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