Gay USA: Feb. 14-20, 2012

We'll look back on Whitney Houston's relationship to the LGBT community. Washington State opens marriage to gay couples and eliminates most domestic partnerships. The rightwing National Organization for Marriage vows to stop the law from going into effect by putting it to a popular vote. But we will show you a moving floor speech by Republican Senator Maureen Walsh in favor of the legislation and her lesbian daughter. And you can see Democrat Gov. Christine Gregoire speech at the bill-signing ceremony at The NJ Senate passes a marriage equality bill and the Assembly is poised to, but Republican Gov. Chris Christie vows to veto it and the votes are not yet there for an override. For more info, go to We'll have more analysis of the Prop 8 federal case. 20-year old Brandon White, who survived a vicious gaybashing in Atlanta caught on tape, speaks out. Some federal air marshals cited for anti-gay harassment on the job. Another binational same-sex couple wins a reprieve from deportation. A new ESPN documentary on March 11th looks at Magic Johnson's earth shattering announcement twenty years ago that he had HIV. Happy VD: The CDC warns about the growing threat of untreatable gonorrhea. Ellen Degeneres hits back at the group that tried to have her removed as a spokesperson for J.C. Penney. The producer of "Glee" is working on "The New Normal" for NBC about a gay couple trying to start a family starring out gay "Book of Mormon" star Andrew Rannells. Matt Bomer of "White Collar" officially comes out. An Australian actress comes out to help fight for marriage equality.. Andy reviews the Oscar-nominated short subjects: animation and live action. For information on where a program of the nominated shorts is playing in your area, go to:

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