Gay USA - December 19-25, 2012

THIS WEEK ON GAY USA, Chris Cooper sits in for Andy—and please excuse Ann's struggles with a cold. NEXT WEEK, a special holiday show. We bring you famous Hollywood director Lana Wachowski ("The Matrix," "Cloud Atlas") delivering a very special speech about being transgender to an HRC dinner. Then a few minutes announcing the Campaign for Southern Equality's plan to push for marriage equality in the southern states. And finally, a detailed report from Minnesota Public Radio on how our side in Minnesota beat back the anti-same-sex-marriage state constitutional amendment in November's election.

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK WITH ANN AND CHRIS: As we mourn the tragic deaths in Newtown CT, we must also suffer the usual right-wing garbage that homosexuals are to blame. Looks like the Defense Dept. budget bill will include watered-down, fairly meaningless protections for homophobes. Sen.-elect Tammy Baldwin gets some good committee assignments.  House Speaker John Boehner gives more money to the lawyers defending the Defense of Marriage Act. Looks like marriage equality votes will happen soon in Illinois and Rhode Island, but…A Montana court rejects equal benefits for same-sex couples. Bad news from Cameroon and Brazil. But kind of good news from Scotland, Russia, Uganda and Costa Rica. Leading AIDS activist Spencer Cox dies at 44. And Chris reviews an up coming movie about Alan Turing. Plus a special treat from the London Gay Men's Chorus.

LGBT Rights

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