Gay USA - August 7th, 2013

Lots, lots more on Russia: Obama cross-examined by Jay Leno; the International Olympic Committee desperately seeking to save face; more attacks on LGBT people. Should we boycott the Olympics? Move them? Promote visibility there? How do we get the laws repealed and LGBT people respected?
In Washington state, out gay State Senator Ed Murray looks like the top vote-getter in the primary for Seattle Mayor. Final vote in November.
The New Jersey Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage again and Gov. Chris Christie's legal team has some crazy arguments.
More renegade same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania.
Thailand, Vietnam and Ecuador will all consider same sex marriage.
New York Gov. Cuomo signs a bill allowing qualified pharmacists to administer the meningitis vaccine.
Ellen Degeneres picked to host the Oscars again.
Chris Cooper has a couple of movie reviews.

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