Gay USA: August 2-8, 2011

Andy is away, so Chris Cooper joins Ann at the anchor desk. New polling shows a dramatic increase in U.S. support for same-sex marriage. A federal judge tells the Republican lawyer to answer some tough questions in defense of DOMA, and he comes up with some really stupid answers. The Constitutional Court of Colombia orders the legislature to give full recognition to same-sex couples within two years. But at Dollywood, in Tennessee, guards force a lesbian to turn her  "marriage is so gay" T-shirt inside out. The NAACP annual convention features its first panel on LGBT issues, and it gets a little contentious. We'll show you some of it. The Conservative Political Action Conference marginalizes GOProud, but out gay Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger may be making progress on getting included in the Republican debates. We'll show you an amazing TV commercial from a bank in Argentina. Out gay Sen. David Norris withdraws from the race for president of  Ireland under a cloud. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services will re-evaluate the ban on blood donations by gay men. And there's a new gay comic book superhero. NEXT WEEK: Andy and Ann's special hour-long interview with veteran  British activist Peter Tatchell. For more on Peter's work, go to

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