Gay USA: Aug. 9-15, 2011

UK-based human rights activist Peter Tatchell joins Ann Northrop and Andy Humm this week for special hour-long interview on his life and work. A native of Australia, he has been active in the LGBT movement out of Britain since the early 1970s, including through his Outrage! group. He is also an active campaigner for LGBT rights around the world.   Peter tells us about his current Equal Love campaign to open up marriage in the UK to same-sex couples and to open up civil partnerships to sex discordant couples. He also talks about his attempts to make a citizen's arrest of dictator and human rights violator Robert Mugabe, innovative campaigns against police entrapment of gay men, confrontations with anti-gay politicians at home and abroad, his participation in the attempts at LGBT pride marches in Moscow and much, much more.   Peter explains what drives him, who his inspirations are, and how we all can be more creative activists. For more on Peter, go to

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