Gay USA: Aug. 3-9 2010: New Study Released On Proposition 8 Loss - Free Speech TV

Among this weeks news: There's a new study out looking at why we lost on Proposition 8 in California and what it's going to take to succeed next time, Lambda Legal Defense and the ACLU have filed suit against the state of Hawaii for denying civil unions to same sex couples, Bradley Manning (the guy who leaked the Afghan documents to Wikileaks) is gay and the right-wing is playing off that fact, the attorney general of New Jersey will not do a separate investigation of the cop killing of an allegedly gay man allegedly caught cruising in Newark, LGBT targeting of Target and Best Buy stores' contributions to a bunch of anti-gay right-wing people, the country of Nepal will hold its first Pride March this month, Health and Human services updates their rules on abstinance-only education, Ellen has quit American Idol, and Andy provides a couple of new reviews.

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