Gay USA: Aug. 23-29, 2011

In the news this week: A teen in Waterloo, Iowa is taunted as gay and stomped to death. The Obama administration puts on hold the deportation of those here illegally if they pose no threat-a category that will include many foreign born gay partners, but what about singles? Civil unions are off to a slow start in Rhode Island. Republican lawyers defending DOMA cote charlatans and bigots to make their case. Tammy Baldwin leads poll in Democratic primary for US Senate in Wisconsin as Russ Feingold announces that he is not running. One of Michele Bachman's lead organizers has a shady past in Uganda. New study says male bisexuality is... REAL. A Florida teacher is suspended for speaking out against same-sex marriage on Facebook. A big Chilean lesbian rights case goes to the Inter-American Court in Latin America. Country star Chely Wright marries her partner in Connecticut.    

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