Gay USA: Aug. 16-22, 2011

  In the news this week: A lesbian activist dies at the Indiana State Fair catastrophe and Marion County refuses to release her remains to her partner, citing DOMA. Who is the most anti-gay candidate for the Republican nomination for President? It’s a tough contest. The end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on September 20 could be undone by a new administration because the new law does not mandate that gays and lesbians can serve openly, it only permits the President and military to allow it. President Obama bans human rights violators from entering the United States including those who persecute gay people. An anti-gay male state senator in Indiana gets in a whole heap of trouble when he tries to hire a young man for sex. The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage is ordered by the First Circuit to disclose its donors under laws in Rhode Island and Maine. A big win for transgendered prisoners in Wisconsin. The crackdown on gay people in Cameroon continues with more men being arrested just for being gay. A male gay activist in Cuba has a very public wedding with a man-to-woman transsexual. We'll show you the big celebration. Throat cancers due to HPV shoot up. New York City finally decides to institute mandatory sex education in its schools and reinstate condom lessons.  Andy reviews theatre in New York and London where out gay Antony Sher is starring in a late Arthur Miller play and Jude Law in an early Eugene O’Neill. Andy's London reviews will appear at in a day or two.  

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