Gay USA: April 10-16, 2012 - Free Speech TV

President Obama comes out against the anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota. In North Carolina, which will vote on an anti-gay marriage amendment on May 8, former Democrat and Republican mayors of Charlotte do ads against it. Go to to see the video and learn how you can help. In Nevada, Lambda Legal Defense files its first federal lawsuit against a state ban on same-sex marriage. LGBT rights lose in Anchorage, Alaska. Or did they? Proponents of the ballot measure charge the other side with fraud. The Ohio student stopped from wearing a gay-themed t-shirt sues his school for the right to proclaim "Jesus was not a homophobe." The film "Bully" gets its PG-13 rating after cutting some cuss words. In Manhattan Beach, California, 18 men are arrested in a public sex sting and CBS and others publish their photos, names and addresses on the Internet. In Thailand, police excuse the brutal murders of lesbians as "love gone sour." Chile passes an anti-discrimination law in response to the vicious killing of a gay man. The Miss Universe pageant will now allow transgender women to participate. The AIDS Quilt is coming back to Washington, DC this summer. We will review a new Broadway show on the last days of Judy Garland.

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