Gay USA 9/30/15 - Free Speech TV

Pope Francis had no time for LGBT Catholics during his trip to America, but gave a 15-minute meeting and hugs to anti-gay bigot Kim Davis.

Meanwhile, the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade has relented after a 25-year protest and will allow an Irish LGBT group to participate.

Father John McNeill, a gay Catholic priest who openly challenged his church’s condemnation of homosexuality in 1976 and paid a high price, has died.

We also mourn the loss of lesbian pioneer Honey Lee Cottrelll as another, Jeanne Cordova, bids us farewell as she is dying of cancer.

President Obama chastises Republican presidential candidates for anti-gay bigotry as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden make moves to secure LGBT votes.

Vladimir Putin dismisses the idea that Russia is anti-gay.

Saudi Arabia moves against the inclusion of LGBT rights at the UN.

A child star of the past comes out as HIV-positive.

Dr. William Paul, "the nation’s immunologist" who guided the government toward the development of life-saving AIDS drugs, has died.

The debate over the movie STONEWALL continues.

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