Gay USA 9/24/14

Another court victory on same-sex marriage, this time in Louisiana. There’s a rumor that the bad version of ENDA may be added to the Defense Authorization Bill after the November elections. Gaybashers in Philadelphia are charged and a legislator comes out as a push for a state hate crimes bill is renewed. Billboards proclaiming that god loves gays are too controversial for some ad companies. A Catholic church in Montana bars a gay married couple from communion. Wait until you hear what their priest wants them to do now. The ACLU sues the DOD over lack of gender treatment for Chelsea Manning. An anti-gay Obama judicial nominee is blocked by the US Senate. Facebook meets with drag queens, but won’t let them use their drag identities online. French ex-President Sarkozy has the gall to condemn same-sex marriage. One San Francisco political leader gets same-sex married, another comes out about using PrEP. Andy reviews “Bootycandy,” the black gay black comedy. And it is Bisexual Awareness Week:

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