Gay USA 9/17/14

The US Supreme Court will soon discuss whether to take any of seven same-sex marriage cases. And Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks out on the issue. Out Rep. Jared Polis has filed a discharge petition in the House on his new version of ENDA. Lots of progress in Florida to report. Facebook insists you use your real name, provoking much anger—especially from drag queens. A web filter service finally drops its blocking of LGBT advocacy sites online. The MacArthur Genius Awards once again go to prominent LGBT folks. Police are aided by Twitter users in apprehending suspects in a gaybashing in Philadelphia. A German gay activist is brutally attacked in Serbia, leading to protest from the German government that could aid gay expression there in the long run. The African nation of Chad adopts its first anti-gay law and it is a doozy. Two straight men marry each other in New Zealand to win a contest.

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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