Gay USA 9/10/14

In a scathing decision, the US Seventh Circuit upholds decisions overturning bans on same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin. It also seems certain that the Ninth Circuit will strike down the bans on same-sex marriage in Nevada and Idaho. A town in Mississippi is the first to codify same-sex partner benefits in the state. It’s never too late. In Iowa, a lesbian couple in their 90s gets hitched after 72 years together. In Massachusetts, out candidates have been nominated by Democrats to be Attorney General and Lt. Governor A British man pretends to be gay to get close to women and rape them. Gambia’s laws got even more anti-gay this week. ACT UP protests the high cost of the drug to treat hepatitis C. A new outbreak of meningitis hits three gay men in New York City. We’ll talk about the passing of Joan Rivers. Love her or hate her, she had a big gay following. Andy reviews theatre in London—some that can be seen here in cinemas—and the new gay-themed movie PRIDE that opens in the US on September 19.

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