Gay USA 8/6/14

The Sixth Circuit hears appeals in six same-sex marriage cases. That and lots more marriage news from around the nation. A 20-year old bisexual man in Mecca, CA is murdered by his co-worker in a hate crime. Crabby Barney Frank attacks us for dropping support for ENDA in its current form. Another Catholic Church fires its music director for getting engaged to his male partner. A Hawaiian bed and breakfast wants a religious exemption to deny accommodations to lesbians. Houston’s LGBT rights ordinance looks safe for now. A New Jersey judge dismisses a challenge to state law banning so-called conversion therapy. A homosexual Catholic Archbishop says he has never engaged in gay sex. Uganda’s high court overturns the new extra-anti-gay law, but only on procedural grounds and it will almost surely come roaring back. The United States endangers HIV workers around the globe by using some in Cuba to try to destabilize the regime.

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