Gay USA 8/27/14

The Seventh Circuit heard from the defenders of bans on same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin and it looks as if the judges were not buying their arguments. A fifth marriage win in Florida, the first from a federal judge. BREAKING SINCE WE TAPED: The Second Circuit just asked Florida’s Supreme Court to settle the question of the constitutionality of the state ban on same-sex marriage. Chelsea Manning is still not receiving necessary medical treatment from the US military for her transition. Another Catholic teacher is fired for violating a morals clause, this time for getting pregnant. A beauty queen comes out in Spain and within a few days, another comes out in Ireland. It looks as if civil unions are coming to Ecuador. A man in Ghana is arrested for homosexuality to keep people in his town from lynching him. We’ll have Chris Cooper’s review of the gay-themed movie, “Love is Strange” and we’ll review the MPAA for slapping an R-rating on all gay-themed movies. We’ll give you the gay news from the Emmy Awards.

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