Gay USA 8/20/14

The US Supreme Court prohibits same sex marriages from beginning in Virginia by staying the lower court decision. New poll shows a continued and marked shift toward support for LGBT rights in U.S. A win for LGBT rights in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a setback in Baton Rouge. Another baker, this time in Pennsylvania, won’t bake lesbian wedding cakes. But New York bakers must not discriminate. Chris Kluwe settles his suit with the Minnesota Vikings. And for the first time, a Division I college football player comes out. The Veterans Administration is being sued for unequal treatment of same-sex spouses. The Smithsonian adds to its LGBT history collection. The anti-gay Sultan of Brunei is looking to acquire the Plaza Hotel in NY. The eyes of a gay teen suicide are rejected for transplant. Two great art exhibits in New York, including one on the “degenerate art” that the Nazis banned

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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