Gay USA 8/13/14

Seventeen big LGBT groups issue a statement in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown, the student shot dead by police in Ferguson, Missouri. After numerous judicial wins for the marriage equality movement, a state judge in Tennessee deals us a defeat. Is it a big setback or a blip? Voters in Chattanooga overwhelmingly repeal their LGBT rights ordinance. And the City Council in Billings, Montana narrowly rejects one. Same-sex marriages could commence in Virginia on Wednesday unless the Supreme Court intervenes. We’ll analyze the Sixth Circuit hearing on six same-sex marriage cases last week from Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Gay Games IX opens in Cleveland with a video greeting from President Obama. Discrimination even in death. A church in Tampa cancels the funeral of a man when they discover he had married his male partner. In Uganda, one hundred brave activists march for LGBT pride. International protests versus the anti-gay laws in Jamaica—and a disturbing display of mob homophobia on the island. The musical of “Fun Home,” based on Alison Bechdel’s novel, is Broadway bound. And a historical note on the Gay ‘90s in Paris. Updates on all state marriage cases:

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