Gay USA 8/12/15

A state judge orders Nebraska to end its ban on lesbian and gay foster parents and the Mississippi ban on adoption by gay couples is challenged.NCLR has launched a national campaign for equal rights for gay parents. More info hereThe trailer for the movie “Stonewall” stirs up a huge controversy. Transgender rights advance in Puerto Rico, California, Chicago, and Poland, but are set back in New Jersey.Detroit and Dallas are the scenes of the 12th and 13th murders of trans women in the U.S. A rightwing anti-gay Michigan representative started gay rumors about himself.We’ll review the Republican presidential debates.A rapist in Australia is distressed that his victim had HIV.The rightwing government of Australia blocks a vote on same-sex marriage.Reports on pride celebrations in Jamaica and Uganda.We’ll show you the trailer for the movie “Freeheld” about the struggle of dying police Lt. Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) for her pension benefits to go to her partner, Stacie Andree (Ellen Page)

CORRECTION: On this week’s show, Andy refers to Toys-R-Us removing gender labels from the toys it sells. It is actually Target that has done that.

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