Gay USA 7/9/14

BREAKING NEWS SINCE WE TAPED THIS AFTERNOON: A District Court judge in Adams County, Colorado, C. Scott Crabtree, just struck down the state ban on same-sex marriage, but stayed his own ruling. The US Supreme Court--Samuel Alito no less--has denied standing to an anti-gay Pennsylvania clerk who wanted to appeal the striking down of the state ban on same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage remains legal in Pennsylvania. IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK ON "GAY USA" with Ann and Andy: ENDA as we have known it is dead. State LGBT groups, NGLTF, and all the national LGBT legal groups now oppose the federal LGBT rights bill in its present form and demand that President Obama not add an extra religious exemption in his LGBT rights executive order. HRC now sort of agrees. Rightwing religious groups are demanding that President Obama include a broad religious exemption in his executive order covering federal contractors. They want the right to discriminate against LGBT people even though they are accepting your tax money for their programs. We'll tell you about continued action across the country on challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage. The suspect in a double murder of two gay men in Seattle in June is still at large, last seen in New Jersey. Houston's LGBT rights ordinance will be put to a referendum in November. Let's hope it does a lot better than it did in 1985. New study says the kids of same-sex couples do a little better than kids in traditional families. A Russian orthodox priest is glad that Russia was eliminated from the World Cup. We'll tell you the gay reason why. PWA's in Pennsylvania are being thrown off ADAP by the private company that administers the program.

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