Gay USA 7/29/15

President Obama puts LGBT issues front and center in his visit to Kenya.We have the details on The Equality Act in Congress—who is supporting the comprehensive LGBT rights bill and who is not.The Boy Scouts vote to open leadership to LGBT people, but the religious exemption to the new policy may not be enough for the Mormon Church.The high court in Texas is forcing Houston to hold a referendum on its LGBT rights law despite evidence that signatures for the referendum were fraudulent.125 Members of Congress call on State Department to bar spouses of diplomats from countries that don’t accept same-sex spouses of our diplomats.A black minister attacks church’s hypocrisy on gay people, then backtracks. A five-minute excerpt of his sermon can be viewed online hereAn international sports court rules that high testosterone in female athletes should not disqualify them from competing as females.The World Health Organization reported that transgender women have a 49-times greater chance of contracting HIV.

A new documentary about the life of Greg Louganis premieres on HBO on Tuesday.

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