Gay USA 7/16/14

Civil rights leaders and law professors and US House members tell President Obama: Don't weaken your executive order on LGBT rights. All federal contractors must be covered by it. Religiously affiliated institutions step up their anti-gay discrimination. The US Justice Department will now oppose state bans on same-sex marriage in court. It also issued a new guidance on reforming laws that now criminalize people with HIV. A District Court judge in Adams County, Colorado, C. Scott Crabtree, struck down the state ban on same-sex marriage, but stayed his own ruling. Three clerks are still issuing marriage licenses to gay couples there, though. The US Supreme Court--Samuel Alito no less--has denied standing to an anti-gay Pennsylvania clerk who wanted to appeal the striking down of the state ban on same-sex marriage. A Long Island mayor gets in trouble with his Republican Party for performing weddings for gay couples as part of his job. An Ohio sheriff steps up his stings against gay men cruising in parks. A new survey from the CDC says that less than 3% of Americans openly identify to the government as gay, lesbian or bisexual. We smoke and drink more, but we're in better shape, too! Olympic champion Ian Thorpe makes it official. Laverne Cox is the first transgender actor to get an Emmy nomination. And we'll tell you about an upcoming role of hers that hits close to home. Archie Andrews dies defending his gay friend.

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