Gay USA 6/4/14

BREAKING: After we taped today, the US Supreme Court announced that it had denied without comment a petition from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to intervene in the same-sex marriage case in Oregon. A federal judge legalized same-sex marriages there and no state official would appeal that decision. NOM wanted the marriages stopped, but they will continue. Lots of transgender news this week, including the big breakthrough in Medicare coverage for transgender people. The Maryland transgender rights law is safe from a referendum. The National Park Service looks to lift the lid on LGBT history at historic sites Houston passes an LGBT rights law under out Mayor Annise Parker. Similar laws get the nod in Bozeman, MT and Jackson, MS. But Danville, KY weakens its law in order to benefit a local Baptist organization that gets government funds. Some Republicans continue to back away from their opposition to LGBT rights Same-sex marriages get underway across Illinois. Russian oligarch convenes a meeting in Vienna to rid Europe of "the Satanic gay lobby." LGBT demonstrators are attacked in Moscow and Paraguay. Cyprus holds its first Pride march and it exceeds all expectations.

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