Gay USA 6/24/15

Ann will be back next week.As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage….Texas denies co-adoption of their biological twins to a gay married couple.The sites of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village are declared a City landmark and the park outside is on track to become a national parkIBM sends a message to anti-gay Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.Baltimore woman lambasted by a neighbor for having a yard display deemed “relentlessly gay.”Transgender students in New York “relentlessly harassed” according to new report.SONY and Marvel Comics conspired to keep Spider-Man in the movies white and non-gay.Chris tells us about his experiences at Flame Con. The world’s smallest country legalizes same-sex marriage. Could the United States be next?Hundreds of thousands rally in Rome AGAINST civil partnerships for gay Italians.Andy reviews the gay-themed SIGNIFICANT OTHER off-Broadway with Gideon Glick of SPRING AWAKENING fame.

The documentary LARRY KRAMER: IN LOVE AND ANGER bows on HBO on Monday, June 29.

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